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      Author: Marco Costalba (C) 2005-2006

      Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution

#ifndef ANNOTATE_H
#define ANNOTATE_H

#include <qobject.h>
#include <qprocess.h>
#include <qtimer.h>
#include <qpair.h>
#include "common.h"

class Git;
class FileHistory;

class ReachInfo {
      ReachInfo() {};
      ReachInfo(SCRef s, int i, int t) : sha(s), id(i), type(t) {};
      QString sha;
      int id, type;
      QStringList roots;
typedef QValueVector<ReachInfo> ReachList;

class RangeInfo {
      RangeInfo() { clear(); };
      RangeInfo(int s, int e, bool m) : start(s), end(e), modified(m) {};
      void clear() { start = end = 0; modified = false; };
      int start, end;
      bool modified;

class Annotate : public QObject {
      Annotate (Git* parent, QObject* guiObj);
      bool stop();
      const FileAnnotation* lookupAnnotation(SCRef sha, SCRef fileName);
      bool start(const FileHistory* fh);
      bool isValid() { return valid; };
      bool isCanceled() { return canceled; };
      int count() { return ah.count(); };
      int elapsed() { return processingTime.elapsed(); };
      QString file() { return fileName; };
      const QString getAncestor(SCRef sha, SCRef fileName, int* shaIdx);
      bool getRange(SCRef sha, RangeInfo* r);
      bool seekPosition(int& rangeStart, int& rangeEnd, SCRef fromSha, SCRef toSha);
      const QString computeRanges(SCRef sha, int rangeStart,
                                  int rangeEnd, SCRef target = "");
private slots:
      void on_patchProc_readFromStdout();
      void on_patchProc_processExited();
      void on_progressTimer_timeout();
      void slotComputeDiffs();

      typedef QMap<QString, FileAnnotation> AnnotateHistory;

      void annotateFileHistory(SCRef fileName, bool buildPatchScript);
      void doAnnotate(SCRef fileName, SCRef sha, bool buildPatchScript);
      FileAnnotation* getFileAnnotation(SCRef sha);
      void setInitialAnnotation(SCRef fileName, SCRef sha, FileAnnotation* fa);
      const QString setupAuthor(SCRef origAuthor, int annId);
      void setAnnotation(SCRef diff, SCRef author,
                         SCList prevAnn, QStringList& newAnn, int ofs = 0);
      bool getNextLine(SCRef d, int& idx, QString& line);
      void unify(SList dst, SCList src);
      void updatePatchScript(SCRef sha, SCRef par);
      bool startPatchProc(SCRef buf, SCRef fileName);
      const QString getNextPatch(QString& patchFile, SCRef fileName, SCRef sha);
      bool getNextSection(SCRef d, int& idx, QString& sec, SCRef target);
      void updateRange(RangeInfo* r, SCRef diff, bool reverse);
      void updateCrossRanges(SCRef chunk, bool reverse, int origStart,
                             int origLineCnt, RangeInfo* r);

      Git* git;
      QObject* gui;
      const FileHistory* fh;
      AnnotateHistory ah;
      volatile bool cancelingAnnotate;
      volatile bool annotateRunning;
      bool isError;
      int annNumLen;
      int annId;
      int annFilesNum;
      QString patchScript;
      QString fileName;
      StrVect histRevOrder;
      QProcess patchProc;
      QString patchProcBuf;
      QString nextFileSha;
      bool valid;
      bool canceled;
      QTime processingTime;
      QTimer progressTimer;

      typedef QPair<QString, uint> Key;
      QMap<Key, QString> diffMap; // QPair(sha, parentNr)
      QMap<QString, RangeInfo> rangeMap;


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