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      Author: Marco Costalba (C) 2005-2006

      Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution

#ifndef GIT_H
#define GIT_H

#include "exceptionmanager.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "lanes.h"
#include "myprocess.h"

class Cache;
class Annotate;
class MyProcess;
class QTextCodec;
class DataLoader;
class QRegExp;

class FileHistory {
      FileHistory() {
      void reset(SCRef name) {
            firstFreeLane = 0;
            fileName = name;
      QString fileName;
      RevMap revs;
      Lanes lns;
      StrVect revOrder;
      uint firstFreeLane;

class Git : public QObject {
      Git(QWidget* par = 0, const char* name = 0);
      const QString getBaseDir(bool* c, SCRef wd, bool* ok = NULL, QString* gd = NULL);
      bool init(SCRef workDir, bool askForRange, QStringList* filterList, bool* quit);
      bool stop(bool saveCache);
      void setLane(SCRef sha, FileHistory* fh);
      Annotate* startAnnotate(FileHistory* fh, QObject* guiObj);
      const FileAnnotation* lookupAnnotation(Annotate* ann, SCRef fileName, SCRef sha);
      void cancelAnnotate(Annotate* ann);
      void startFileHistory(FileHistory* fh);
      void cancelDataLoading(const FileHistory* fh);
      void cancelProcess(MyProcess* p);
      bool isCommittingMerge(); // check for existence of MERGE_HEAD
      bool isStGITStack();
      bool isTagName(SCRef tag);
      bool isPatchName(SCRef patchName);
      bool isUnapplied(SCRef sha);
      bool isSameFiles(SCRef tree1Sha, SCRef tree2Sha);
      bool isNothingToCommit() const { return nothingToCommit; }
      bool isUnknownFiles() const { return unknownFiles; }
      bool isTextHighlighter() const { return isTextHighlighterFound; }
      const Rev* revLookup(SCRef sha, const FileHistory* fh = NULL);
      MyProcess* getDiff(SCRef sha, QObject* receiver, SCRef diffToSha, bool combined);
      MyProcess* getFile(SCRef file, SCRef revSha, QObject* receiver, QString* runOutput);
      MyProcess* getHighlightedFile(SCRef file, SCRef revSha, QObject* rcv, QString* ro);
      bool saveFile(SCRef fileName, SCRef sha, SCRef path);
      void getFileFilter(SCRef path, QMap<QString, bool>& shaMap);
      bool getPatchFilter(SCRef exp, bool isRegExp, QMap<QString, bool>& shaMap);
      const RevFile* getFiles(SCRef sha, SCRef sha2 = "", bool all = false, SCRef path = "");
      void getTree(SCRef ts, SList nm, SList sha, SList type, bool wd, SCRef treePath);
      const QString getLocalDate(SCRef gitDate);
      const QString getDesc(SCRef sha, QRegExp& shortLogRE, QRegExp& longLogRE);
      const QString getDefCommitMsg();
      const QString getLaneParent(SCRef fromSHA, uint laneNum);
      const QStringList getChilds(SCRef parent);
      const QStringList getNearTags(bool goDown, SCRef sha);
      const QStringList getDescendantBranches(SCRef sha);
      const QString getShortLog(SCRef sha);
      const QStringList getTagNames(bool onlyLoaded = false);
      const QStringList getBranchNames();
      const QString getTagMsg(SCRef sha);
      const QString getRefSha(SCRef refName);
      const QString getRevInfo(SCRef sha, FileHistory* fh);
      void getWorkDirFiles(const QChar& status, SList files, SList dirs);
      QTextCodec* getTextCodec(bool* isGitArchive);
      bool formatPatch(SCList shaList, SCRef dirPath, SCRef remoteDir = "");
      bool updateIndex(SCList selFiles);
      bool commitFiles(SCList files, SCRef msg);
      bool makeTag(SCRef sha, SCRef tag, SCRef msg);
      bool deleteTag(SCRef sha);
      bool applyPatchFile(SCRef patchPath, bool commit, bool fold, bool sign);
      bool resetCommits(int parentDepth);
      bool stgCommit(SCList selFiles, SCRef msg, SCRef patchName, bool fold);
      bool stgPush(SCRef sha);
      bool stgPop(SCRef sha);
      bool writeToFile(SCRef fileName, SCRef data);
      bool readFromFile(SCRef fileName, QString& data);
      void setTextCodec(QTextCodec* tc);
      void addExtraFileInfo(QString* rowName, SCRef sha, SCRef diffToSha, bool allMergeFiles);
      void removeExtraFileInfo(QString* rowName);
      void formatPatchFileHeader(QString* rowName, SCRef sha, SCRef dts, bool cmb, bool all);
      int findFileIndex(const RevFile& rf, SCRef name);
      const QString getPatchName(SCRef sha) const { return patchNames[sha];   }
      const QString filePath(const RevFile& rf, uint i) const {

            return dirNamesVec[rf.dirs[i]] + fileNamesVec[rf.names[i]];
      void incRunningProcesses() { runningProcesses++; }
      void decRunningProcesses() { runningProcesses--; }

      enum { // used as self-documenting boolean parameters

      void newRevsAdded(const FileHistory*, const QValueVector<QString>&);
      void loadCompleted(const FileHistory*, const QString&);
      void cancelLoading(const FileHistory*);
      void cancelAllProcesses();
      void annotateReady(Annotate*, const QString&, bool, const QString&);

public slots:
      void on_procDataReady(const QString&);
      void on_eof() { filesLoadingPending = filesLoadingCurSha = ""; }

private slots:
      void loadFileNames();
      void on_runAsScript_eof();
      void on_getHighlightedFile_eof();
      void on_newDataReady(const FileHistory*);
      void on_loaded(const FileHistory*, ulong,int,bool,const QString&,const QString&);
      friend class Annotate;
      friend class MainImpl;
      friend class DataLoader;
      friend class ConsoleImpl;

      typedef QMap<QString, QString> StrMap; // used to map SHA and patches file names
      typedef QMap<QString, int> StrSet;     // for fast QString set lookup

      bool run(SCRef cmd, QString* out = NULL, QObject* rcv = NULL, SCRef buf = "");
      MyProcess* runAsync(SCRef cmd, QObject* rcv, SCRef buf = "");
      MyProcess* runAsScript(SCRef cmd, QObject* rcv = NULL, SCRef buf = "");
      const QString getArgs(QString* range, bool askForRange, bool* quit);
      bool getRefs();
      bool getStGITPatches();
      bool lookUpPatchesSHA(SCRef pn, SList files, SList filesSHA, QString& sha);
      void dirWalker(SCRef dirPath, SList files, SList filesSHA, SCRef nameFilter = "");
      void clearRevs();
      bool startRevList(SCRef args, FileHistory* fh = NULL);
      bool startUnappliedList();
      bool startParseProc(SCRef initCmd, FileHistory* fh);
      void addChunk(FileHistory* fh, SCRef parseBuffer);
      void parseDiffFormat(RevFile& rf, SCRef buf);
      void parseDiffFormatLine(RevFile& rf, SCRef line, int parNum);
      void getDiffIndex();
      const QString getFileSha(SCRef file, SCRef revSha);
      const Rev* fakeWorkDirRev(SCRef parent, SCRef log, SCRef longLog, int idx);
      void copyDiffIndex(FileHistory* fh);
      const RevFile* getAllMergeFiles(const Rev* r);
      bool isParentOf(SCRef par, SCRef child);
      bool isTreeModified(SCRef sha);
      void indexTree();
      void annotateExited(Annotate* ann);
      void updateDescMap(const Rev* r, uint i, QMap<QPair<uint, uint>,bool>& dm,
                         QMap<uint, QValueVector<int> >& dv);
      void mergeNearTags(bool down, Rev* p, const Rev* r, const QMap<QPair<uint, uint>, bool>&dm);
      void mergeBranches(Rev* p, const Rev* r);
      void updateRefs(Rev& c, FileHistory* fh);
      void updateLanes(Rev& c, Lanes& lns);
      void removeFiles(SCList selFiles, SCRef workDir, SCRef ext);
      void restoreFiles(SCList selFiles, SCRef workDir, SCRef ext);
      bool mkPatchFromIndex(SCRef msg, SCRef patchFile);
      const QStringList getOthersFiles();
      const QStringList getOtherFiles(SCList selFiles, bool onlyInIndex);
      const QString colorMatch(SCRef txt, QRegExp& regExp);
      void appendFileName(RevFile& rf, SCRef name);
      void populateFileDict();
      const QStringList noSpaceSepHack(SCRef cmd);
      void removeDeleted(SCList selFiles);
      void setStatus(RevFile& rf, SCRef stInfo, int parNum);


      QWidget* par;
      Cache* cache;
      QString workDir; // workDir is always without trailing '/'
      QString gitDir;
      QStringList tags;
      QStringList loadedTagNames;
      QStringList loadedBranchNames;
      QStringList tagsSHA;
      StrMap tagsObj;
      StrMap refsStillToFind; // to quick check if a rev is a ref during loading
      StrMap refsStillToFindMasterCopy; // to restore original content for next search
      QStringList heads;
      QStringList headsSHA;
      QStringList refs;
      QStringList refsSHA;
      QStringList unAppliedSHA;
      QStringList appliedSHA;
      StrMap patchNames;
      QString currentBranchSHA;
      QString filesLoadingPending;
      QString filesLoadingCurSha;
      QString curRange;
      bool cacheNeedsUpdate;
      bool errorReportingEnabled;
      bool isMergeHead;
      bool isStGIT;
      bool isGIT;
      bool isTextHighlighterFound;
      bool loadingUnAppliedPatches;
      bool unknownFiles;
      bool nothingToCommit;
      int runningProcesses;
      QString firstNonStGitPatch;
      RevMap revs;
      RevFileMap revsFiles;
      Lanes lns;
      int patchesStillToFind;
      StrVect fileNamesVec;
      StrVect dirNamesVec;
      StrSet fileNames; // quick look-up file name
      StrSet dirNames; // quick look-up dir name
      StrVect revOrder;
      uint firstFreeLane;


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