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      Author: Marco Costalba (C) 2005-2006

      Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution


#include <qobject.h>
#include <qguardedptr.h>
#include "common.h"

class QTextEdit;
class QListView;
class FileHighlighter;
class Domain;
class StateInfo;
class Annotate;
class Git;
class MyProcess;
class RangeInfo;
class FileHistory;

class FileContent: public QObject {
      FileContent(Domain* parent, Git* git, QTextEdit* f);
      void update(bool force = false);
      bool annotateAvailable() { return curAnn != NULL; };
      void clear();
      void copySelection();
      void goToAnnotation(int id);
      bool goToRangeStart();
      bool rangeFilter(bool b);
      bool getRange(SCRef sha, RangeInfo* r);
      void startAnnotate(FileHistory* fh);
      void setShowAnnotate(bool b);
      void setHighlightSource(bool b);

      void annotationAvailable(bool);
      void fileAvailable(bool);
      void revIdSelected(int);

public slots:
      void on_doubleClicked(int, int);
      void on_annotateReady(Annotate*, const QString&, bool, const QString&);
      void on_procDataReady(const QString&);
      void on_eof(bool emitSignal = true);

      friend class FileHighlighter;

      void clearAnnotate();
      void clearText(bool emitSignal = true);
      void findInFile(SCRef str);
      bool lookupAnnotation();
      uint annotateLength(const FileAnnotation* curAnn);
      void saveScreenState();
      void restoreScreenState();
      uint processData(const QString& fileChunk);

      Domain* d;
      Git* git;
      QTextEdit* ft;
      StateInfo* st;
      RangeInfo* rangeInfo;
      FileHighlighter* fileHighlighter;
      QGuardedPtr<Annotate> annotateObj;
      QGuardedPtr<MyProcess> proc;
      const FileAnnotation* curAnn;
      QString fileRowData;
      QString fileProcessedData;
      QString halfLine;
      uint curLine;
      QStringList::const_iterator curAnnIt;
      uint annoLen;
      bool isFileAvailable;
      bool isAnnotationAvailable;
      bool isAnnotationAppended;
      bool isRangeFilterActive;
      bool isShowAnnotate;
      bool isHtmlSource;

      struct ScreenState {
            bool isValid, hasSelectedText, isAnnotationAppended;
            int topPara, paraFrom, indexFrom, paraTo, indexTo, annoLen;
      ScreenState ss;

      static const QString HTML_HEAD;
      static const QString HTML_TAIL;
      static const QString HTML_FILE_START;
      static const QString HTML_FILE_END;


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