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      Author: Marco Costalba (C) 2005-2006

      Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution

#ifndef LANES_H
#define LANES_H

#include <qstring.h>
#include <qstringlist.h>
#include <qvaluevector.h>

class Lanes {
      Lanes() {}; // init() will setup us later, when data is available
      bool isEmpty() { return typeVec.empty(); };
      void init(const QString& expectedSha);
      void clear();
      bool isFork(const QString& sha, bool& isDiscontinuity);
      void setBoundary(bool isBoundary);
      void setFork(const QString& sha);
      void setMerge(const QStringList& parents);
      void setInitial();
      void setApplied();
      void changeActiveLane(const QString& sha);
      void afterMerge();
      void afterFork();
      bool isBranch();
      void afterBranch();
      void afterApplied();
      void nextParent(const QString& sha);
      void getLanes(QValueVector<int> &ln){ ln = typeVec; }; // O(1) vector is implicitly shared

      int findNextSha(const QString& next, int pos);
      int findType(int type, int pos);
      int add(int type, const QString& next, int pos);

      int activeLane;
      QValueVector<int> typeVec;
      QValueVector<QString> nextShaVec;
      bool boundary;
      int NODE, NODE_L, NODE_R;


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