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      Author: Marco Costalba (C) 2005-2006

      Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution


#include <qprocess.h>
#include "git.h"

class Git;

//custom process used to run shell commands in parallel

class MyProcess : public QProcess {
      MyProcess(QObject *go, Git* g, const QString& wd, bool reportErrors);
      bool runSync(SCRef runCmd, QString* runOutput, QObject* rcv, SCRef buf);
      bool runAsync(SCRef rc, QObject* rcv, SCRef buf);
      static void parseArgs(SCRef cmd, SList args);

      void procDataReady(const QString&);
      void eof();

public slots:
      void on_cancel();

private slots:
      void on_readyReadStdout();
      void on_readyReadStderr();
      void on_processExited();

      void setupSignals();
      bool launchMe(SCRef runCmd, SCRef buf);
      void sendErrorMsg(bool notStarted = false);
      static void restoreSpaces(QString& newCmd, SCRef sepChar);
      static const QStringList splitArgList(SCRef cmd);

      QObject* guiObject;
      Git* git;
      QString runCmd;
      QString* runOutput;
      QString workDir;
      QObject* receiver;
      bool errorReportingEnabled;
      bool canceling;
      bool busy;
      bool exitStatus;
      bool async;


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